Loading screen

Jun 7, 2016 at 2:33 PM

First of all, thank you for this toolkit, really helpful.
I am having problems when trying to display loading screen in my html web resource to users when using SOAP functions (create, retrieve, delete, etc). I want to display loading for example when using delete function:
function deleteReport(){
            var e = event || window.event, btn = e.target || e.srcElement;
            reportGuid = btn.id.split("_");

            if(!confirm("Are you sure you want to delete this record?")) {
                return 0;

            try {
                XrmServiceToolkit.Soap.Delete("novemo_timereport", reportGuid[1]);
            catch (err) {
                alert("There was a problem while trying to delete! Please try again...");
            finally {
The gif is displaying properly but as soon as I confirm delete, the gif stops spinning and it isn't showing any activity. I suppose that this problem has something to do with CRM but I am posting this here just in case you guys are familiar with this problem.

Is there something I can do to ensure that the loading activity is displayed the whole time?