WiP TypeScript Version + Documentation + Testing

Apr 8, 2016 at 10:34 PM
Hello everyone,
as a personal project I took myself to convert the XrmServiceToolkit to a TypeScript Version.
I haven't tested it yet since I was busy trying to push it into form.
But I made good progress so if anyone is willing to help me testing it you would be welcome.

I used webpack to bundle the typescript version, there is also a minified version.

I splitted the whole project into modules. None of the helper functions will lurk around the main functions.

I tried to add types where I could but I'm sure I missed some and even chose the wrong types in some places. Also I may have used "any" a bit to often in some cases ;)

I also generated a documentation with typedoc. I converted the original comments from XML to jsdoc.

You should have IntelliSense in VS2015 and VSCode.

If you have suggestions for improvement let me know.

Since Jamie is not yet aware of my repository and he is hard to contact I will not post the link here until he approves. But you can contact me if you want to help or try out.