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CRM 2013 and XrmServiceToolkit

To support CRM 2013, there are lots of works to be done for the toolkit


Please download the latest version

Tested CRM 2013 server
  • PC
    • CRM 2013 on-premise for IE10, latest chrome, latest firefox
    • CRM 2013 online for IE10, latest chrome, latest firefox
  • Tablet - iPad 2, iOS 7.0.2
    • CRM 2013 online for latest chrome, latest safari
  • Tablet Client - Remember the limitations of CRM events for tablet apps.
    • iOS client - iPad 2, iOS 7.0.2
    • Windows App - Windows 8, Windows RT

Tablet client OnLoad : You may have a "alert" is not defined error when the app is initially loaded, but the problem should be gone once the app / page is fully loaded. This may be caused by "In Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets any use of the window.alert method will be overridden to use Xrm.Utility.alertDialog without a callback"

Please try it in your CRM 2013 test environment and report issues, bugs

If reporting bugs, please start with CRM2013 or CRM2011, so it will be easier for us to target the CRM environment

The toolkit will still require JSON2, jQuery to be used to support some conversion and extension methods.

NOTE: The attached jQuery in the solution has some changes applied to make sure the toolkit will work on Form

// Expose jQuery to the global object
window.jQuery = jQuery;

All the $ usage has been removed from the toolkit. Instead, jQuery is used to avoid conflict

Development Tools and Environment
  • Visual Studio 2012 + Update 3
  • IE10, latest Chrome, latest Firefox, latest Safari
  • CRM 2013 SDK beta
  • CRM 2013 on-premise RTM, CRM 2013 online for PC and Tablet - iPad
  • Windows Server 2012
  • SQL Server 2012
  • jQuery v1.7.2 , QUnit v1.12.0
All these are used in a windows 8 Hyper-V server

Release Note
  • New Behavior - XrmServiceTookit.Soap.Fetch parameters change to work with asynchronous callback compared to 1.4.2 beta: XrmServiceToolkit.Soap.Fetch(fetchXml, fetchAll, callback)
  • New Behavior - XrmServiceTookit.Common.AddNotification is working with CRM 2013 using the out-of-box functionality. Still support CRM 2011
  • New Fix - XrmServiceToolkit.Comon.GetObjectCodeType is now using metadata retrieval as a supported method
  • New Fix - The included jQuery has a line changed at the bottom <window.jQuery = jQuery;> $ is removed to work with CRM 2013 form

To be continued
  • New CRM 2013 methods will be added if needed
  • More functions and modifications will be added to support tablet layout, outlook client, etc
  • Better Performance tuning and changes along the way to support CRM 2013 for cross browser, cross platform (web, tablet, mobile, etc)
  • Add-ons which developed using XrmServiceTookit will be added to the project in the future. In the format of source code and CRM solution

Happy Coding,
Jaimie Ji

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